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Multiaction serum, 15 benefits in only one product. Content: 150 ml

Age Defender

Age Defender is a powerful energising and antioxidant treatment that protects the skin against signs of ageing.
Formulated with natural active ingredients that focus on visibly correcting and reducing wrinkles and expression lines, softening, reaffirming and providing an immediate anti-fatigue effect for a more younger-looking appearance.
Contains active ingredients such as Kumquat, which provides a powerful and pleasant cooling sensation; oak extract, a symbol of immortality rich in antioxidants; and extract of Japanese Cryptomeria sprouts, which improves the overall appearance of the skin.
Content: 50 ml

Argan Fluid

It is a three oils combination that adds spectacular shine, silkiness and treatment. Content: 200 ml

Argan Fluid

It is a three oils combination that adds spectacular shine, silkiness and treatment. Content: 60 ml

Argan Shampoo Gel

Argan oil has beneficial properties for both skin and hair. Argan Fluid shampoo gel is the fusion of both products. It adds shine and natural softness to hair. Regenerates, moisturizes and fights aging and dry skin.
  • Betafin: Active obtained sugar with moisturizing effect.
  • Argan oil: nourishes and repairs the skin and dry hair
Content: 100 ml

Argan Shine Spray

The sprayable Argan oil repairs and nourishes. Get shiny, silky, and flexible hair. Non-greasy. Content: 200 ml

Artic Blond Mask

An intensive repair formula containing keratin, Artic Blond Mask repairs hair shafts. Perfect for cool blonde hair care. Content: 250 ml

Artic Blond Shampoo

Artic Blond Shampoo is specifically designed to protect and maintain the colour of cool blonde hair, neutralising unwanted warm tones thanks to the pigments it contains. Content: 250 ml

Artic Blond Toner

Artic Blond Toner is a conditioning hair spray which helps neutralise unwanted warm tones in cool blonde hair. Content: 250 ml

Barber After-Shave

Revolutionary Moisturizing Balm. Content: 150 ml

Barber Balsam

Daily use conditioner for beards. It helps to smooth and to soften the hair. Content: 150 ml

Barber Exotic Oil

Beard oil. Softens rough and unruly hair, providing a characteristic perfume, pleasant and long-lasting.
Content: 30ml