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Detox Lotion

Purifying action lotion. Thanks to the synergistic combination of manuka concentrate, willow and salicylic acid, capable of preventing the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms on the scalp. Aloe vera, betaine and panthenol are the active ingredients responsible for providing hydration and protection. Combination of xylitol and lactitol is added, which provide relief to the scalp, since they combat discomforts such as burning and irritation. Content: 150 ml

Hair Complex Regenerator Booster Fase 2

Regenerating phase for damaged hair. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Proteins that regenerate the capillary fibre, seal the cuticle, and improve hair strength. Provides hydration, elasticity, shine, and softness. Content: 8 monodose x 15 ml

Hair Complex Regenerator Protect Fase 1

Protective phase for damaged hair. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and a restorative active ingredient (Fiberhance). Seals damaged hair and strengthens its internal structure. Content: 12 monodose x 8 ml

Hair Loss Lotion

This reinforces fine hair, while also cleansing and protecting the scalp. Cleans, prepares and nourishes the hair follicle so that the hair is born stronger and healthier. The hair is stronger and has greater elasticity and brushing strength. Main Ingredients:
  • Follicusan
Content: 150 ml

Pack Placenta: Vials + Shampoo

VIALS: Strengthening lotion hair-loss control ampoules that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Main Ingredients:
  • Vegetable placenta
  • Multi-vitamin complex
FRESH EFFECT Shampoo: Its active principles nourish and strengthen the capillar fibre preventing failling hair. its soft base makes it possible to use it frequently. Content: 10 ampules x 10 ml + 1 shampoo 250 ml

Pack Repair + Keratin & Panthenol Shampoo

Proteins Repair The nutritive lotion with wheat proteins for dry, fragile, injured and lifeless hair restores and moisturizes the hair structure, giving silkiness. Shampoo The nutritive shampoo with Keratin and Panthenol restores and strengthens dry, fragile, injured and lifeless hair, improving its elasticity and consistency. Content: 10 ampoules x 10 ml + 1 shampoo 250 ml