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Curls Activator Gel

It instantly makes the natural curl obtained through perms stand out. Content: 250 ml.

Temporary Straightener

Keeps hair smoother for longer, protects against heat. Wetting agent Content: 250 ml

Volume Up

Volumizing spray formulated with Panthenol and a Cationic Polymer with Wheat Protein that acts on the capillary fibre and gives long lasting volume to the hair. Flexible and moisturized hair. Medium fixation.
  • Voluminis (Cationic Polymer with Wheat Protein)
  • Panthenol
Content: 250 ml  

Wet Gel

Gel to sculpt and create different hair styles. Moisturises and conditions hair, gives shine and an elastic hold. Ideal for defining curls and wet-look effect. Content: 250 ml