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Artic Blond Mask

An intensive repair formula containing keratin, Artic Blond Mask repairs hair shafts. Perfect for cool blonde hair care. Content: 250 ml

Curly Hair Mask

Colour Protector Mask. Content: 250 ml

Keratin Mask

Keratin capillary emulsion with creamy texture. Content: 250 ml

Nutre Color

Nutre Color is a temporary colourant that provides nourishment and shine, apart from colour.
  • It does not alter the natural hair, the colour gradually fades with washing.
  • Intense and brilliant colours, thanks to a careful selection of pigments.
  • It revives subdued colours and provides the maximum nourishment of a hair mask.
  • Ideal for boosting the colour between one dye and the next.
  • 25 shades available.
Content: 200 ml  

Repair Mask

Formulated with Shea butter and Jojoba, which bring all the necessary nutrients to give back to your hair its lost vitality and recover its best appearance. Main Ingredients:
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba
Content: 250 ml  

Xpress Mask

Ultra fast mask, with a light texture and fresh aroma, which in just 1 minute nourishes, hydrates, provides body without weighing it down and facilitates detangling. Main assets: keratin vitamin complex. Content: 250 ml