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Explore our bestselling products at Hair & Square! These customer favorites have earned their top spots thanks to their exceptional quality and outstanding results.

Pack Placenta: Vials + Shampoo

VIALS: Strengthening lotion hair-loss control ampoules that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Main Ingredients:
  • Vegetable placenta
  • Multi-vitamin complex
FRESH EFFECT Shampoo: Its active principles nourish and strengthen the capillar fibre preventing failling hair. its soft base makes it possible to use it frequently. Content: 10 ampules x 10 ml + 1 shampoo 250 ml

Keratin & Panthenol Shampoo

The nutritive shampoo with Keratin and Panthenol restores and strengthens dry, fragile, injured and lifeless hair, improving its elasticity and consistency. Content: 1000 ml

Argan Fluid

It is a three oils combination that adds spectacular shine, silkiness and treatment. Content: 60 ml

Men Tatoo Hydra

Brightness and Hydration. Cream that revives the colors of your tattoos, giving them intense shine. It keeps the skin perfectly hydrated with rapid absorption. No sticky feeling on the skin. Content: 200 ml

G7 Light Grey

Homme is specifically designed for the urban man who wants to subtly restore his natural hair colour. The smooth and conditioning texture protects the hair fibre and scalp. Arginine helps to reduce application time as it can make you look younger in just 5 or 10 minutes. Homme does not contain ammonia or p-phenylenediamine. Content: 30 ml

Thermic Protector

Protects your hair from the thermal aggressions due to flat irons and makes it stronger against split. Main Ingredients:
  • Wheat protein
  • Polimers
Content: 250 ml.

Energetic Eye Repair

Energising and antioxidant universal eye treatment that fights the signs of ageing, wrinkles, expression lines, under eye bags and dark circles. Its innovative natural active ingredients formulation tones and tightens the skin around the eye area, providing a pleasant cooling sensation. Its ceramic applicator is designed to perform a gentle massage, favouring the absorption of the active ingredients. Content: 15 ml

Xpress Mask

Ultra fast mask, with a light texture and fresh aroma, which in just 1 minute nourishes, hydrates, provides body without weighing it down and facilitates detangling. Main assets: keratin vitamin complex. Content: 250 ml

Barber Shampoo

Shampoo formulated for a daily beard clean. It carefully cleans without damaging neither the hair nor the skin thanks to the argan oil moisturizing properties. Content: 250 ml

Double Phase

Instant conditioner that does not require rinsing. Main Ingredients:
  • Silicone macromolecules
  • Lactic acid
Content: 250 ml

Color Care Shampoo

Protects your hair and prevents from the color loss due to washing and external agents exposure. Content: 250 ml  

Damaged Ends Repairer

Serum that recovers the ends of fragile or damaged hair. Main Ingredients:
  • Silicone macromolecules.
Content: 100 ml.

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